[opensource-dev] FAQ posted for Third Party Viewer Policy

Tigro Spottystripes tigrospottystripes at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 19:20:01 PST 2010

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AFAIK it doesn't claim to be able to detect them all the time, nor to be
able to detect all clients that might be out there; it shouldn't be
possible to do it, if he does make claims opposite to that he would be

On 1/3/2010 00:15, Maggie Leber (sl: Maggie Darwin) wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 28, 2010 at 9:38 PM, Bryon Ruxton <bryon at slearth.com> wrote:
>> An LSL function somewhere to identify viewers would help.
>> Leave then to us the ability to make inworld tools to control who gets in or
>> not.
> Your attention is directed to SVC-4636.  I'm sure your support would
> be welcomed by some.
> Others know such a move would only increase the incentive for spoofing
> any identifier that might be used, regardless of what the ToS might
> say. Someone who's engaged in content copying is unlikely to be
> deterred by committing one more ToS violation.
> There is already at least one viewer developer who is also selling a
> product claiming to identify (by some secret proprietary means)
> avatars running "bad" viewers and ban them.
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