[opensource-dev] before opena Jira, APR

Tateru Nino tateru.nino at gmail.com
Wed Sep 1 04:12:34 PDT 2010

  On 1/09/2010 8:28 PM, Tofu Linden wrote:
> Altair Sythos Memo wrote:
> ...
>> 2010-08-31T21:02:02Z WARNING: ll_apr_warn_status: APR: Too many open
>> files
>> 2010-08-31T21:02:02Z WARNING: open:  Attempting to open
>> filename: /home/user/.secondlife/cache/texturecache/texture.entries
> ...
>> not so sure anyway is a viewer problem of something specific to my
>> linuxbox... is why i'm asking here if somebody else match this kind of
>> crash with latest build
> This is a genuine problem.  Please file it in jira.  Any eyes on this
> would be welcome.
> It seems to have popped up recently - it may be related to the latest
> HTTP textures changes, not sure (perhaps leaking file handles, though
> lsof says we're still somewhat under the default limits).
Hmm. It might not be an actual leak per-se... I've noticed in busy areas 
that the viewer will often hit a *lot* of parallel HTTP texture fetches. 
I'm not sure if there's a hard limit there, because my texture console 
can easily overflow with active texture-fetches. That's... what... 30+ 
and I'm guessing a minimum of two file-handles each right there (and gut 
feeling says there's probably closer to 3 involved).

If there's no cap on the number of parallel HTTP texture fetches (or the 
cap is too large), then you'll see more simultaneous fetches for 
higher-latency users (as an artifact of each HTTP session taking longer 
to complete), all other things being equal. If that is the case, then 
it's likely to have a far lower incidence if you're on the continental 
USA. Altair... you're in southern Europe, right?

Tateru Nino

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