[opensource-dev] before opena Jira, APR

Francesco Rabbi sythos at gmail.com
Wed Sep 1 04:49:57 PDT 2010

Il giorno 01/set/2010, alle ore 13:12, Tateru Nino
<tateru.nino at gmail.com> ha scritto:

>  On 1/09/2010 8:28 PM, Tofu Linden wrote:
>> Altair Sythos Memo wrote:
>> ...
>>> 2010-08-31T21:02:02Z WARNING: ll_apr_warn_status: APR: Too many open
>>> files
>>> 2010-08-31T21:02:02Z WARNING: open:  Attempting to open
>>> filename: /home/user/.secondlife/cache/texturecache/texture.entries
>> ...
>>> not so sure anyway is a viewer problem of something specific to my
>>> linuxbox... is why i'm asking here if somebody else match this kind of
>>> crash with latest build
>> This is a genuine problem.  Please file it in jira.  Any eyes on this
>> would be welcome.
>> It seems to have popped up recently - it may be related to the latest
>> HTTP textures changes, not sure (perhaps leaking file handles, though
>> lsof says we're still somewhat under the default limits).
> Hmm. It might not be an actual leak per-se... I've noticed in busy areas
> that the viewer will often hit a *lot* of parallel HTTP texture fetches.
> I'm not sure if there's a hard limit there, because my texture console
> can easily overflow with active texture-fetches. That's... what... 30+
> and I'm guessing a minimum of two file-handles each right there (and gut
> feeling says there's probably closer to 3 involved).
> If there's no cap on the number of parallel HTTP texture fetches (or the
> cap is too large), then you'll see more simultaneous fetches for
> higher-latency users (as an artifact of each HTTP session taking longer
> to complete), all other things being equal. If that is the case, then
> it's likely to have a far lower incidence if you're on the continental
> USA. Altair... you're in southern Europe, right?

Yes, and my box have default 1024 opened file limit, yesterday before
sleep i've setup for 4096 and for 2h nothing happened

Maybe HTTP should be throttled or childs must be reused more times, my
doubt is why i have 20Mbps DSL but i live South europe download time
is longer, and lock file start since download start to decode

This evening i open jira with full limits and enviroment specification
of my box and put in cron a check each minute using lsof to monitor
and stats opened file by viewer

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