[opensource-dev] Request for review/testing: VWR-20583 submenu indicators (▶ a.k.a. U+25B6) shouldn't be hard-coded in context menu sub menu names

Boroondas Gupte sllists at boroon.dasgupta.ch
Thu Sep 2 17:41:12 PDT 2010

 As far as I know, VWR-20583
<http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-20583>  is on neither Product
Backlog nor Sprint List, yet, but Tofu asked
me about this on jira and already imported a fix for a /symptom/
of which this issue here is IMHO the /cause/.

My fix for this underlying issue can be found at

      How my fix works

Up to now, all menu entries except those context menus automatically
generated the submenu indicator when they had sub-entries. Context menu
entries didn't to that, so the "▶" had to be explicitly encoded in the
labels in the XUI files (for all submenu labels in all languages). I
guess this was necessary in Viewer 1.x, because the generic way of
adding a ">" (which was the indicator back then), wouldn't work for pie

Now though, that context menus are regular rectangular menus, their
entries can be handled just like other menu entries
(regarding the "▶", at least) and that's what the changeset does
The big bulky rest of the changeset just removes all the hard-coded "▶"
(and some left over "&gt;" (>) for the Portuguese localization) from the
context menus of all supported languages (except nl, which doesn't seem
to have localized context menus for some reason), so they won't display
twice now.

      Impact for users

As long as all hard-coded strings are in-sync, users wouldn't notice
VWR-20583 nor its fix, except for whether the triangles aren't
right-aligned in context menus (as they are in the main menus, so the
fix makes this consistent, too.) However, VWR-17801 and the left over
"&gt;"s in the Portuguese localization
show how easily inconsistencies can creep in. Having the indicators
handled automagically diminishes the risk of that happening again in the

      Impact for translators

One less thing to worry about, once this is fixed.

      Impact for developers

While generation of one of the context menus remains
in a CPP file (instead of XUI like the others), that part of the code at
least doesn't have to bother anymore with adding the indicator to each
entry individually.

      Impact for UI designers / implementers

With the fix, it should now be easy to change the submenu indicator for
either all menus (main menu and context menus) or either type
individually. Changing it for single selected entries would now be more
difficult, but I don't see any cases where this might be needed.


Massive code duplication is usually bad. (Duh!)


PS: Well, as this is a request for review and testing, I should probably
write something about that, too. Because I had to touch XUI files of all
localizations except Dutch, it'd be good if people could test the
context menus with the Viewer set to different languages. More detailed
test plan in this jira comment
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