[opensource-dev] Removal of the "MultipleAttachments" debug settings ?

Nyx Linden nyx at lindenlab.com
Thu Sep 2 13:49:45 PDT 2010

This is fixed internally in the ECC project branch. Once that merges 
into viewer-development (we have the same submission process for merging 
as you guys do!), I'll post here to ask everyone to test out the fix.



Nyx Linden wrote:
> Its a bug. We're going to fix it. This isn't the final behavior.
> -Nyx
> Trilo Byte wrote:
>> I thought that was the whole point of creating outfit folders to 
>> begin with.
>> Get your avatar looking exactly the way you want, attachments
>> and all, then save it to a folder for fast/easy/fun one click
>> wardrobe change.  New behavior makes outfit folders decidedly
>> less fast/easy/fun to work with.
>> On Aug 27, 2010, at 1:12 PM, Kadah wrote:
>>> Hash: SHA1
>>> On 8/27/2010 8:37 AM, Trilo Byte wrote:
>>>> Nyx, I did also notice that if you wear an outfit folder that makes 
>>>> use of mutliple attachments in v2.1.2, it no longer works properly.
>>>> Instead of putting on all the items in the user-specified folder, it
>>>> only puts on the first attachment the viewer gets to.  Any
>>>> additional ones are left un-worn, and must be added to the outfit
>>>> manually, one at a time.
>>> I can verifiy this is the case with Made a new outfit 
>>> that
>>> has 2 tails, took everything off, did wear-replace with new outfit. Saw
>>> the first one pop on for a moment then replaced by the 2nd one a moment
>>> later. Wear-add had the same effect.
>>> Kinda defeats the purpose of 2's outfits if it don't work together with
>>> multi-attach :P
>>> Would be nice if I could also put on all items in a folder with
>>> multi-attach. Would be nice for those infrequently used collection of
>>> items that aren't associated to any one outfit.
>>> Its a little confusing now that "add" has different meanings on
>>> different items. "Add" on a single item attaches it without replace,
>>> "add" on a folder/outfit replaces existing on same points.
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