[opensource-dev] System Folders to Top

Charlene Trudeau websuz at gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 15:24:12 PDT 2010

  "As a user, I would like to be able to sort the inventory folders by 
name and without setting the system folders to top. I would prefer to do 
this on the fly as the usefulness of having the system folders at the 
top or mixed in changes during my workflow. I often need 'my' folders to 
be preeminent over the system folders so that I can find things I have 
created or need for my work more readily than if I have to scroll below 
the system folders."


Unfortuantely, in Second Life 2.1.2 (208921) Sep  2 2010 03:43:01 
(Second Life Development), this debug setting 
(Inventory.SystemFoldersToTop) seems to have NO effect whatsoever, nor 
did it persist across logins to see if  relog would resort things.

This appears to be true in Second Life 2.1.1 (208043) Aug 11 2010 
16:07:37 (Second Life Release) also, because I can't sort the system 
folders back to the top using the debug menu but apparently it held 
settings from prior releases, which are now fixed/permanent without the 
debug setting to change things. In fact, 'restore to default' restores 
it to 'FALSE'. As if its now hard coded depending on how the setting was 
prior to some lost upgrade point.

Please restore this functionality. The only reason I have not placed a 
JIRA sooner is that the loss of functionality was 'hidden' by hard 
coding my former choice as the default through the upgrade cycle.

Should I be opening JIRA issues on things like this at this time?


On 9/1/2010 13:49, Lance Corrimal wrote:
> Am Wednesday 01 September 2010 schrieb Suz Dollar:
>> As a user, I would like to be able to turn off the forced system
>> folders to top. This used to be an obvious and easy thing to
>> change back and forth on the fly and now seems to have been
>> removed and relegated to the debug menu.
> there's a debug menu item for that??? where which what how????
> bye,
> LC
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