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Hitomi Tiponi hitomi.tiponi at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Sep 4 12:24:53 PDT 2010

Could I point out that I doubt no-one cares about this except the Lindens - so 
why has this change been RAISED TO CRITICAL?.  I run dev, beta, current, and old 
versions using different icons and rarely get confused - just  why is it so 
important (nay critical) to have a different coloured menu-bars?  Please tell me 
- is it really more critical than a lot of user-requested changes?

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Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2010 18:06:18 -0400
From: "Kent Quirk (Q Linden)" <q at lindenlab.com>
Subject: [opensource-dev] code review request
To: opensource-dev <opensource-dev at lists.secondlife.com>
Message-ID: <2FC4EEB7-2DB1-44DA-94F7-3B7FB5776E29 at lindenlab.com>
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Hi, all, getting back into it a little during recovery. Can I please get a 
review and perhaps pull for:


Code is here:

Fix is in

changeset 123b6d316c16

This issue is important to our release team.


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