[opensource-dev] Which build should I try?

Ponzu lee.ponzu at gmail.com
Sun Sep 5 07:14:04 PDT 2010

I am just a noob here on opensource-dev, and I feel a little confused.

Which build should I be testing?  DEV? BETA?  OTHER?  V2?

I tried 209029_DEV, and all I can report there is that it starts and then
freezes up on my iMac.  Should I create a Jira or send my logs somewhere?
 Or is that totally expected behavior.

i also have one unexpected behavior in 207030.  I get these weird yellow
bars that flash for only a second or two.  Haven't been able to capture a
snapshot yet, because they don't last long and I cannot reproduce them.
 They only seem to occur when I am using alt-zoom.  Same questions, is this
worth a Jira or is anyone here intereted in logs or such?

Anyway, keep up the GREAT work everyone, some of us love you even if we yell
at you once in awhile.
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