[opensource-dev] Somewhat stable developer viewer

Ponzu lee.ponzu at gmail.com
Mon Sep 6 08:16:18 PDT 2010

The snow storm wiki seems to say that users should try

- Viewer 2 (stable)
- Development Viewer snap shot (somewhat stable)
- Latest Build (look out!)

The problem is there is no hint about the Snap Shot?  Even just a
build number would be OK.  Oz has suggested 208707 works for him, but
it is not on the page with all the latest builds.  209029 and 209046
*don't* work for me.  They partially start, and then freeze.  (Do
those reports *really* go to Apple?  Do they forward them to you guys?
 Do you need some scripts that process them and categorize them?  That
I could probably do.)

Until I can get my head wrapped around the whole development cycle, I
see myself making minor contributions to the Wiki and to testing.


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