[opensource-dev] The Plan for Snowglobe

Oz Linden (Scott Lawrence) oz at lindenlab.com
Tue Sep 7 18:25:48 PDT 2010

  The Snowglobe project has served a very useful purpose, but as I said 
when we launched Project Snowstorm, we need to be clear that our open 
source efforts are focused there.  We're making very good progress 
importing the features and fixes from Snowglobe into the 
viewer-development repository, and it's time to make sure that we're not 
splitting our efforts.

In keeping with that, here's the outline of what we'll be doing with 
Snowglobe in the coming months:


        * Take down the snowglobeproject.org web site

        Apparently not updated since Rob L. left, it's horribly out of
        date.  If you can still find pointers to it on the wiki, please
        point them out to me or remove them.

        * Remove Snowglobe from the secondlife.com downloads page

        This has already been done.
        The download pointers on the wiki will remain for as long as
        Snowglobe is allowed as a viewer

        *Snowglobe will be allowed as a Second Life Viewer for as long
        as version 1.23 is allowed.*

        *We know that we have a lot of work to do before disallowing
        1.23 would be appropriate, and do not have any plan to stop
        allowing either Snowglobe or version 1.23.* 

        * Stop the twice-weekly open source meetings.

        We have the various open meetings of Project Snowstorm, and all
        our open tracking systems.  Members of the Snowstorm team have
        Office Hours, and those will continue (and new ones may be added).

    *In 1 week *(Tuesday Sept 14)

        * Remove viewer-external from hg.secondlife.com
        * Disable all write access to the Snowglobe subversion repository
        * Stop any remaining TeamCity Snowglobe builds

    *In 3 months* (Tuesday Dec 7)*

        * Take down the Snowglobe subversion repository

        This should allow ample time to complete importing the changes
        from Snowglobe.

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