[opensource-dev] Blocking viewers.

Altair Sythos Memo sythos at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 15:04:34 PDT 2010

On Wed, 8 Sep 2010 17:59:41 -0400
Marc Adored <marc at inworlddesigns.com> wrote:

> Emerald is a perfect example of that. Everyone is upset and mad at
> linden for banning Emerald but no body cared what the developers of
> Emerald were doing before it effected them directly. I wont go into a
> flame war over one of my favorite viewers but I just wanted to make
> that point.

Emerald have good reason to be blacklisted, there is the "next step"
called phoenix, cleaned by "bad code" and "bad elements", all other is
only a lil actors show...

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