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Subject: RE: [opensource-dev] Blocking viewers.
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Actually, There WAS a danger.  Emerald devs were openly collecting personal information.  There were actively using the program to perform attacks on people.  That wasn't politics, or perception. that was fact.  If LL didn't act, they could be legally responsible.  As it is, Emerald became a criminal matter, and there is a very real possibility that legal charges will be filed on some of the devs. It would have been recklessly negligent if LL didn't block Emerald. They have the legal and moral right and responsibility to do so.  There's LOTS of legal precedents that would make LL liable if they failed to act.  IMVU, AOL, Yahoo, for example all wound up restricting what can connect to their services for much the same reasons.
I'm sorry you're upset that they blocked emerald.  But the way you act takes any sympathy I might have had away.  And frankly, their arrogance, disregard for anyone but themselves, and lack of maturity was their undoing. If they lived in my county, they would already have been arrested by our cybercrimes unit.  I don't know if the ISP hosting the servers that were attacked will press the issue, but if they do, then there will be consequences for the Emerald team.  I personally, hope that ISP does. 
If you really liked Emerald's better features so much, Phoenix seems to have the devs from emerald that had the most integrity and allot of real talent. Though I cannot run it, many people can and it shows signs it will be better then Emerald was.
Please accept that Emerald is gone, and that the people responsible for Emeralds undoing were the Emerald's team themselves.


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> From: tom at streamsense.net
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> Subject: Re: [opensource-dev] Blocking viewers.
>   On 08/09/2010 23:09, Mike Dickson wrote:
> > Oh geez. Do we really have to go through this again.  You can run
> > whatever you like on your PC.  And Linden Lab has every right to
> > determine what software they will allow to connect to their SERVICE.
> Okay, let's just outline this properly.
> The lab DO NOT have any right to determine what software they will allow 
> to connect to their SERVICE.  The only thing they DO have a right to do 
> is to determine which TCP connections they want to accept and which UDP 
> packets they want to accept.  It's my right to use whichever software I 
> want to generate those packets. As such, I accept that they have the 
> legal right to block logins from clients containing "Emerald" in their 
> version string - but not a moral right. And they certainly do not have a 
> right to threaten people with account bans if they "bypass" the ban.
> Linden Lab have blocked Emerald due to a POLITICAL DISAGREEMENT with 
> their dev team.  They haven't blocked it because of any fault with the 
> software itself,  they're not protecting anyone - they're taking 
> pre-emptive action against a project because of some percieved danger 
> that might evolve.
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