[opensource-dev] Snowstorm Daily Scrum Summary - 09/08/2010

Sarah (Esbee) Hutchinson esbee at lindenlab.com
Wed Sep 8 22:05:21 PDT 2010

Date: Wed Sep 8, 2010

Also available here:

*=== General Notes ===*
* Don't forget to grab tasks from the Sprint Backlog and update your time
remaining on that task each day!
* Merge Monkey of the Day: Merov

*===Team Status===*

* More integrations
* VWR-20756 / llTextBox support

* VWR-20756 / llTextBox support

* these progress reports I'm writing aren't making it out to the public
summary for some reason. I'm busy, honest!

* Sent out Snowglobe wind-down plan
* Updated Snowstorm dashboard in new Jira (broken - see Impediments)
* Many more wiki updates (getting there)

* more wiki updates
* Update submission workflow descriptions (see Impediments)

* Need clarification on how Snowstorm project is to be used

* VWR-22761 : LLKDU upgrade: Perf tracking
** Rearchitectured and simplified LLMetricPerformanceTester
** More documentation done LLMetricPerformanceTester and documented it
** Built but didn't commit yet
* Last Snowglobe OH and follow up

* VWR-22761 : LLKDU upgrade: Finish the Perf tracking work and publish wiki
about it, get baseline data for KDU and Openjpeg
* VWR-22759 : Chat Translator: Check with Esbee where we stand wrt design

* Kakadu license upgrade


 * Responded to a good chunk of Resident feedback (still _LOTS_ to get
* Accessibility meeting with Orange Planer and LordGregGreg
* Worked on UI customization sketches and blog post
* Backlog grooming
* Send feedback to PE on detachable sidebars
* Review double-click to TP
* Catch up with Merov on VWR-22759

* Schedule meeting with Orange, Gentle, and LordGregGreg for next week.
* Share UI customization notes and sketches with Rhett from XD team
* Prepare draft of  Jira VWR workflow proposal and discuss w/Q
* Move Snowstorm Backlog to Jira

* Not receiving Tofu's email to mailing list

  *VWR-22346 (Appearance > 'Wearing' tab: Add Take off / Detach function to
the gear menu)
**In progress. ~ 2 hours
*Very unproductive day - spent most time building and setting up

* VWR-22346 (Appearance > 'Wearing' tab: Add Take off / Detach function to
the gear menu)


*went through all tickets assigned to me - found 3 that were reopened b/c
fix didn't make it into development right away, but fixes are there now.
**will close in new jira
* Bug VWR-22008 (People you called via Adhoc are not shown in Recent tab).
**fixed consistent with recent for p2p, but exchange in comments suggests a
different way may be needed.  Asked Andrey, will either commit fix or change
it, in which case estimate 4-5h.
*Major bug VWR-22125 (Mini-inspector floater doesn't appear after click on
'i' icon in IM or Nearby chat window).
**Investigated.  3-4h.
*played with new jira

* VWR-22125 (Mini-inspector floater doesn't appear after click on 'i' icon
in IM or Nearby chat window).
* VWR-22008 (People you called via Adhoc are not shown in Recent tab)

* none

     *reviewed Aimee's fix
 *fixed Paul's build
*played with new jira.  Looks like VWR workflow is unchanged, and glitchy -
impossible to close VWR-20699 as Misfiled for example.

*fresh bugs and small tasks for detachable tabs

* where should viewer bugs go? VWR or STORM? (Answer: VWR - Esbee)
* workflow in VWR is broken. Will investigate today. (Anything in particular
that's broken? - Esbee)

OOO - Vacation

    * smoke test against r209053, see shared spreadsheet
* VWR-20694 test per request. Found 7 issues, but didn't report them yet:
** empty space appears in the top of Home panel on redocking
** hard to resize undocked panel by height/width, need to  place mouse
pointer very precisely on bottom/right side of undocked  panel
** there should be minimal width/height for  undocked panels. for Appearance
SP at least, some buttons overlap other  controls when minimum width is set
** verb buttons disappear for profile SPs on minimize/restore (Person,
Group, Object)
** unable to share an item when My Inventory SP is undocked, docked IM
window hides
** camera view angle resets when do Edit Outfit panel dock/undock
** sometimes on restore undocked panel appears behind of stack of minimized
* bunch of issues non-related to side panels docking/undocking

* file issues to GH

* jira workflow

            *played with new jira
       *added link to Smoke test results to wiki
*server testing - permissions followup
*workflow followup

*new jira
*find workflow answers about filing bugs and managing VWR issues.
*detachable sidebar & bottom bar review

*see Vadim's quesitons

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