[opensource-dev] Snowstorm Daily Scrum Summary - 09/09/2010

Sarah (Esbee) Hutchinson esbee at lindenlab.com
Thu Sep 9 19:09:33 PDT 2010

Date: Thu Sep 9, 2010

Also available here:

*=== General Notes ===*
* Don't forget to grab tasks from the Sprint Backlog and update your time
remaining on that task each day!
* Merge Monkey of the Day: Merov

*===Team Status===*

*====Aimee Linden====*

*====Tofu Linden====*
* DEV-30773 llTextBox()
* Some Coverity bug fixes
* SNOW-606 juggling (and ultimate backout)
* Some OOO

* DEV-30773 llTextBox()
* Make myself a teamcity task for staging
* Some OOO

* Linux build machine needs a bit of system-image love - little fuzzy on who
owns that, pinged CG and Sabin.

*====Oz Linden====*

*====Merov Linden====*
* VWR-22761 : LLKDU upgrade: Perf tracking
** Got a KDU baseline and compared with OpenJpeg. First data show that
OpenJpeg 4 times slower in decompression than KDU.
** Posted a doc: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Performance_Testers
** First commit to dev repo :
* VWR-22759 : Chat Translator: Got green from Esbee and Q on Design Review

* VWR-22761 : LLKDU upgrade: Polish doc, get more baseline data
* VWR-22759 : Chat Translator: Move to next stage

* Kakadu license upgrade

*====Q Linden====*

*====Esbee Linden====*
* Worked on draft of Jira VWR workflow proposal and discuss w/Q
* Moved Snowstorm Team Backlog to GH
* Trying out new Jira VWR workflows

* Schedule meeting with Orange, Gentle, and LordGregGreg for next week.
* Share UI customization notes and sketches with Rhett from XD team
* Finish draft of  Jira VWR workflow proposal
* Set up sprints in GH

* Not receiving Tofu's email to mailing list (still not sure why)

*====Paul ProductEngine====*
* VWR-22346 (Appearance > 'Wearing' tab: Add Take off / Detach function to
the gear menu)
**Corrected according to Vadim's commentaries

* VWR-22169 (Delete outfit confirmation message doesn'r appear if use
context or gear menu on 'My Outfits' tab) estimate ~ 8 hours


*====Andrew ProductEngine====*
*Bug VWR-22008 (People you called via Adhoc are not shown in Recent tab).
**Discussed with Andrey, didn't find solution.  Will ask in jira when able
to add watchers
* Major bug VWR-22125 (Mini-inspector floater doesn't appear after click on
'i' icon in IM or Nearby chat window).
**Found problem.  Took more time due to additional bug (VWR-22898 - Some
buttons disappear when clicked)
**Fixed, will apply fix when Richard fixes  VWR-22898 (Vadim linked them)
* Bug VWR-22888 (Empty space appears in the top of Home side panel after
**WIP. Estimate - 6h

*VWR-22888 (Empty space appears in the top of Home side panel after

* none

*====Vadim ProductEngine====*
* sent email to viewer-tech about problems building on Ubuntu 10.04, Tofu
immediately merged the fix.
** later it turned out fix broke the build on LL servers, fix has been
rolled back, discussion continues (?)
* Filed a ticket (VWR-22898) regarding disappearing buttons problem.
*Bug VWR-22891 (Docked IM window hides when try to share an         item
while My Inventory SP is undocked):
* Bug VWR-22896 (Panel state resets on dock/undock):
 **Fixed but want to test some more to prevent accidental regressions

*Paul's review request
*Finish VWR-22896
*Other bugs

* None

*====Seth ProductEngine (Sergey)====*
OOO - Vacation

*====Andrey ProductEngine====*
* filed issues discovered yesterday during smoke test and VWR-20694 testing
* started revision of existing TPE "regression" suite for viewer

* complete revision and identify gaps (Home, Picks/Classifieds, My Profile
have no "formal" regression cases at least)
* add sidetray panel docking/undocking test cases

* none

*====Grumpity ProductEngine (Anya)====*
*played with new jira
*workflow followup
*server testing followup

*detachable sidebar & bottom bar review
*transition issues from VWR to STORM?
*update sprint backlog

*cannot transition issues from VWR to STORM
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