[opensource-dev] Snowstorm clarification

Kitty sldev at catznip.com
Thu Sep 9 19:30:10 PDT 2010

Maybe I missed something when Snowstorm was announced, but I was under the
impression that LL was going to be more "open" about viewer development.

Before Snowstorm there were "code drops" into viewer-external on SVN several
times a week (or weekly at worst).

Since Snowstorm there haven't been any noteworthy upstream "code drops" from
LL into viewer-development (2.1.1 was added, but then it was already on SVN
before) that aren't resident contributions or reintegrating Snowglobe

If development of the viewer hasn't been halted for the past three weeks,
where is all of the code going?  *confuzzled*

Or in the new terminology: as a resident, I would like to know why an "open
development" announcement has the net effect of LL releasing less than it
did prior to that announcement.


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