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Sheet Spotter sheet.spotter at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 19:53:38 PDT 2010

I would like to build the viewer-development source code under Windoze. I
was familiar with the Snowglobe process. Now I need to understand any
changes to the build process for Project Snowstorm.


The wiki instructions for the retrieving the source code and building the
viewer seem out of date. 



Should these pages be marked out of date and include links to the newer
Project Snowstorm pages?


Only the version control repository page was marked as out of date.



The Project Snowstorm page links to a page that includes a discussion about
retrieving the source code from the repository:



I encountered two problems on the "Develop Viewer Code" page.


Firstly, it took a wee while to find a client application that could
retrieve the source code from the repository. Would adding links to client
applications be helpful? I assume the following application is reliable:



Secondly, there was a link to a "build" page that was expected to hold the
build instructions.


The above page was empty.


Does the viewer-development build follow the same process outlined in the
original "Microsoft Windows Builds" page? 

Are all of the third-party applications (CMake, Cygwin, Python, etc) still

Are Artwork and Libraries bundles from the following page still required?



Thank you in advance for help in getting a viewer-development build
happening under Windoze.



Sheet Spotter


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