[opensource-dev] Retaining Newbies (Was: The Plan for Snowglobe)

Robert Martin robertltux at gmail.com
Sat Sep 11 10:43:43 PDT 2010

The things that i see as problems

1 folks seem to more or less "sleepwalk" through the newbie portal so
that we folks in Help areas (i stalk NCI Kuula myself) get asked
questions that are answered in the newbie portal.

2 folks seem to tp into the area and have no clue where they have
arrived at (folks wanting sex drugs and Roc^HGuns in the NCI area)

3 non english folks that seem to be using telegraph keys to log in
that also are completely clueless

4 folks (like Bloodlines) that seem to not understand that a given
area may actually have and enforce rules above what the TOS states

now of course the UI confusing folks and getting in the way of
operating the program DOES NOT HELP

1 this may not be solveable but a general increase in server/sim
stability and performance will help

2 a One time popup in case of a newbie portal tp in the form of "You
have just teleported to %area_name% @ %simpleSLurl% please note the
following [short list of flags] This is a %rating_area% for more
details see attached notecard"

3 it would help if we could read the language in use by the viewer and
if the resident could be informed as to what languages are available
in that area (or maybe stick a translator thing in the default newbie

4 this may require having a Land Group (above X regions held) to be
assigned a Linden (or have access to a pool of Lindens) so that a
person grazing the TOS could have a Linden Issued Abuse Report "on the
spot" (this would fast track any process since a Linden could
"certify" the AR right then and there)

in short if "we" take care of the problem of "chewtoys" then newbies
may stick around more

Robert L Martin

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