[opensource-dev] Severe water flicker in recent development build

Jamey Fletcher jamey at beau.org
Sun Sep 12 20:53:01 PDT 2010

Tateru Nino wrote:

> Another aspect to the numbers there is that (quite often) users will
> crank up visual features until frame-rates become just short of
> intolerable or unusable. That tends to make the results trend downwards.
> They *could* be higher for the same hardware, but many of us will crank
> up our quality and distance settings until the viewer is on the edge of
> shuddering -- and increase our crash-rates in the process.

One possibility is if the Lindens set up an island, with an agent limit 
of *1*.  Region forces AV to face a particular direction.  Avatar drops 
in, and waits 5 mins.  During that time, the system records frame rates, 
CPU, and vid card.  AV reports graphics settings (unless that can be 
pulled from the client automatically).  AVs do it with client set to the 
absolute defaults for low, mid, high, and ultra, turning off anistropic 
filtering and antialiasing.  A few weeks of that, and we should have 
some good data - would have to be the stock client, too, though - but 
could record stock 1.23 and stock 2.1, and get good data on whether the 
changes to the rendering engine helped.

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