[opensource-dev] Bug report or feature request?

Dave Booth dave at meadowlakearts.com
Tue Sep 14 14:30:18 PDT 2010

  In pretty much all v2 viewers, including development, I've noticed a 
weird behavior with group notices... When they arrive you get a little 
notification in the bottom right of the screen and that persists for a 
short time and then goes away exactly as one would expect... However if 
you subsequently go to the icon in the bottom bar and pull up the 
notification history then click on one of the notifications for a group 
notice because you want to read it, the floater that comes up to display 
the notice ALSO fades out after a few seconds, even when its focused and 
you're half way through reading the notice. Intended behavior or not? 
Either way I need to file a Jira, but if its intended behavior I'll be 
making it a feature request to allow me to stop this rather than a bug 
report. Seems to me that when a notice has been explicitly pulled up to 
read it then it shouldnt go away until explicitly dismissed.

Or am I just missing something in the settings somewhere?


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