[opensource-dev] Snowstorm Daily Scrum Summary - 09/14/2010

Sarah (Esbee) Hutchinson esbee at lindenlab.com
Tue Sep 14 12:38:44 PDT 2010

Date: Tue Sep 14, 2010

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*=== General Notes ===*
* First day of Sprint 4! Sprint Planning Meeting today from 7-9am PT
* Sprint 4 declared, "The Maintenance Sprint!"

*===Team Status===*
====Aimee Linden====
* Clean up voice client shutdown, which turned out less of a problem than I
suspected, that's ready for code review, requested on the lists
* Wrapping up some legal paperwork

* Kick off Sprint 4!

* None.

====Tofu Linden====
Not available for Daily Scrum today

====Oz Linden====
 * Work on getting a codereview system set up
* Office Hour

* Push codereview system more...
* Wiki updates for getting source

* none

====Merov Linden====
 * STORM-106, 115, 116, 117, 118: move those to "Integrated"
* STORM-130 (VWR-22769) : libPNG build: Tried a change that allows for
Boroondas change for standalone builders to be taken without breaking TC
builds and those of us using prebuilt binaries. Waiting for TC to cycle
through it.
* Snowglobe backlog: moved a bunch of JIRAs and created a bunch more that
have SG2.x fixes but are still unfixed in viewer 2.1. Emailed to Esbee.
* Emailed opensource-dev on perf tracking (while talking about jpeg2000

* STORM-104 (VWR-22761) : LLKDU upgrade. More on perf tracking while waiting
for license to clear and new version to come.
* Snowstorm backlog: more on this

* Kakadu license upgrade

====Q Linden====
  * Talked to Wolfpup about taking over SNOW-102 and SNOW-103, no progress
since yesterday

* Kick off Sprint 4!

* None

====Esbee Linden====
  * Met with Q about Jira triage, and related Snowstorm process
 * Touched base with Orange, Gentle, and LordGregGreg about mtg next week
after my move
* Clean up Jira proposal
* Lots of email
* Prep for Sprint 4

* Sprint 4 Planning
* Backlog grooming & new feature request review
* Send request to XD for friend permissions icons.
* Write UI customization blog post.
* Write end of Sprint 3 wrap-up blog post
* VWR triage
* Modify process for sending Viewer ideas/feature requests

  * None

====Paul ProductEngine====
OOO- vacation

====Andrew ProductEngine====
    * Bug STORM-99 (Select button inside Resident Chooser is disabled if
invoke sharing from undocked My Inventory panel)
 ** Fixed and sent for integration.
* Bug STORM-114 (IM chat history log in plain text mode looks ugly when
displays avatar SLURLs)
** Sent for integration.
* Bug STORM-123 (Resizing ability of nearby chatbar in bottomtray appears
only after click)
** Created, fixed and sent for integration.
* Bug STORM-124 (Replace "no matches found" with "loading" in the My Outfits
** Closed as resolved.
* Bug STORM-125 (The change of "My title" is saved without pressing "Save"
button in the Group Profile)
** Closed as resolved.
* Bug STORM-126 (Offline participants of Add hoc chat are shown in Recent
** Closed as resolved.
* Bug STORM-109 (Undocked Block List panel has no horizontal scrollbar +
verbs have fixed size)
** Closed as cannot reproduce.
* Bug STORM-111 (Camera view angle resets during outfit editing when
docking/undocking Edit Outfit panel)
** Closed as cannot reproduce.
* Bug STORM-112 (EOLs are displayed as "squares" in the pick descriptions
after minimize/restore undocked profile panel)
** Started investigating. Estimate 12h.

*  STORM-112.

* none

 ====Vadim ProductEngine====
     * Major bug STORM-101 (Sidebar settings should be account specific):
 ** Fixed.
* Bug STORM-110 (Add More sub-panel resets its size if minimize/restore
undocked Edit Outfit panel):
** Nasty bug. In current implementation of floater minimization (floater
contents doesn't hide when minimized, but shriks, which moves panels in
layout stack, including Add More) it's difficult to fix. Redoing floater
minimization will cause a ton of new bugs.  I have a crooked hack/fix.  If I
can still live with it in the morning, will commit. Otherwise will close bug
as Will not fix

* STORM-110.

* none

 ====Seth ProductEngine (Sergey)====
* Getting familiar with new JIRA workflow.
* BUG (STORM-108) Undocked Item Profile panel has no scrollbars
** Fixed

* BUG (VWR-22166) 'Item Profile' panel isn't udated if change name of that
item from 'Object contents' floater
** Estimated: 4 hours
* BUG (VWR-22157) My Landmarks: 'Cut' item should be greyed out in folder's
context menu
** Estimated: 4 hours

*These issues should be resolved as Fixed:
** (VWR-21132) [BSI] scroll bar resets to near the top of inventory search
** (VWR-21085) Scroller doesn't follow the cursor if cursor is being moved
by keyboard arrow buttons

 ====Andrey ProductEngine====
        * smoke test on Win7/OSX against r209332
  * tested bottom bar buttons drug&drop
* re-tested fixes related to sidebar panels dock/undock

* regression testing in scope of changes since 209053

* VWR-20702 subtasks are Awaiting Review, but QA Status == Ready to QA
* some VWR-20694 linked bugs are Awaiting Review as well, but fixes already
included into r209332

 ====Grumpity ProductEngine (Anya)====
         * sprint retrospective
  * jira wranging with Sue
** created ProducEngine-specifc context to allow all admin tasks to happen
in one place
** approved by didn't happen as we wanted it.  will keep looking.
* reports, updates

* sprint planning
* try to get "Approved by" on main view in jira & as a dropdown user picker
when doing the approving (like assignee field when creating new issue)
* make sure issues with incorrect status are transitioned through jira
* figure out how to indicate code review status in jira (esbee/oz/sue)

* none

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