[opensource-dev] This cannot be right...

Ponzu lee.ponzu at gmail.com
Tue Sep 14 14:58:25 PDT 2010

Latest data...

On my mac, when I open a terminal window, the default for ulimit is 256.
I wrote a little loop to monitor files...

while true
   lsof -c Second | wc -l

it appears that when Viewer2 (regular of dev) is started, this number
goes to about 63 or so.  Not always the same.

Viewer 2 Release:  When I login, or TP to a new region, this number
jumpt to about 76.  I assume extra file handles used for HTTP sockets
to fetch textures.

Viewer 2 Dev:  Login or TP to region (needing new textures?) and the
file count jumps to 300, and the error message dnssd_clientstub
deliver_request: socketpair failed 24 (Too many open files) starts
flooding my syslog.log file at more than 500 per second.

Hypotheses:  somebody upped some limit or constant and assumed Mac OSX
was a lot higher than 300.


I started the client from a window in which I used ulimit -n 512.

Behavior of Viewer2 Dev is the same.  The file count jumps to 300, but
the viewer freezes.  I guess that the ulimit is set somewhere from
within the viewer, so that the shell's ulimit is ignored.

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