[opensource-dev] User Story: Improved Cache

Daniel danielravennest at gmail.com
Thu Sep 16 09:44:33 PDT 2010

  As a user I would like to see an improved cache in order to have a 
better Second Life experience.  The types
of improvements that would lead to a better experience include:

* A higher cache size limit.  This would let me save more data and speed 
up rez times, and also put less
load on the server side, since it would not have to refresh discarded 
data as often.  Modern hard drives
are much much larger than the current 1 GB limit, and I should be able 
to allocate more storage to
my Second Life data if it improves performance.

* Ability to set certain locations as "home" or "favorites", and to 
never discard or preferentially keep those
locations in cache.  Places I know I will visit often should not be 
discarded just because I happen to visit
several other locations in the course of a session.

* More reliability in cache storage, leading to less often need to 
delete cache to fix a problem caused by
cache corruption.  A low level inventory verification (meaning it does 
not take a large percentage of viewer
resources) to ensure it matches the asset database is an example, but 
technical implementation I will leave
to programmers.  The desired result is less frequent issues like 
apparent inventory loss, which upsets users
and leads to support tickets.

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