[opensource-dev] Question about the Too Many Open Files problem

leliel leliel.mirihi at gmail.com
Sun Sep 19 08:33:06 PDT 2010

I have exactly the same problem, except I'm using linux and my ulimit
is 1024. When I have http-textures enabled and I teleport the open
files hover around 850-950 with the viewer intermittently running out
of file descriptors. This causes about 1/3 of the http connections to
time out, presumably waiting for a free file descriptor, after this
happens for 30 seconds or so the cache system will get confused and
clear the whole cache, often 2 or 3 times per teleport. Eventually the
viewer will give up on the textures leaving 1/3 of the world gray. As
you might imagine, this makes http-textures completely unusable for

Occasionally the viewer will run out of file descriptors for too long
and crash, I had this happen to me once when some one IM'd me and the
viewer couldn't open the log file.

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