[opensource-dev] A comment on work in progress with 2.1.2

Zha Ewry zha.ewry at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 09:10:52 PDT 2010

The ability to tear off tabs into windows in the newest drops is a major bit
of progress. The lack of a simple "x" to close open floaters is huge
problem. Forcing people to close things by dock, minimize, means adding a
very disruptive click, move mouse, click again work flow to the
simple task of making something go away. The inverse is also true. It really
ought to be possible to get a floater up without having to take it off
the sidebar again and again. Roughly speaking, if you're doing a system with
window floaters, you ought to match the last 20 years of learned practice.
People expect familiar user interface elements to behave in familiar ways.
When you give them odd variants on expected patterns which don't stem from a
very clear and obviously better user workflow, you create a dissonant
experience. Lastly, any user workflow which requires mouse clocks and mouse
motions, prevents accessibility and requires people to switch input modes.
Again, 20 years of user interface evolution should be paid some heed.

~ Zha
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