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On Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 5:13 AM, Argent Stonecutter <secret.argent at gmail.com
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> On 2010-09-21, at 10:48, Zha Ewry wrote:
> > As a user I want to be able to sort my inventory with tools which embody
> familiar metaphors from Windows,  Mac and Linux file browsers.  I expect a
> folder system which exposes attributes in a familiar fashion and permits
> sorting of those attributes in a consistent fashion. I expect folders to be
> sorted by date as well as their contents. I expect to be able to leverage my
> experience as a computer user and find common metaphors such as  sorting
> columns  implemented in the inventory sorter. I expect to be able to create
> deeply nested folder structures and easily find things based on most
> recently added, most recently modified, I expect a consistent approach to
> displaying nested material throughout the viewer. I expect to be able to
> select which details are exposed in an inventory view, and I expect column
> sorting implemented in a familiar fashion.
True Story:  In 2006, at a brown bag lunch at LL, I explained to Philip that
I really thought we should be able to apply tags to inventory items.  It
would do a lot to facilitate searching.  It's 4 years later and we still
cant tag items.  My impression at that time is that he didn't think it was

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