[opensource-dev] Possibility to revert UI changes on snowstorm?

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I totally agree with you, the new functionality is awesome!  The problem is the 
UI, with 2.xx you can change just about anything in the UI compared to the old 
viewer where it was hard coded into the viewer.  I know that my husband was able 
to remove the sidebar completely and resize it, although I am not sure where he 
did that.   I know that Hitomi was able to move some of the buttons around on 
the interface with just skin commands.  I am just starting to get my feet wet in 
this new UI and figure out where everything is.   Sadly I am not a coder, but I 
want to do my part to help, and this is something I can do! ...  which is make 
the UI more user friendly, and more familiar.  



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Miss C,

as someone who's complained bitterly about the Viewer 2 UI, i wanna say
that i *like* change.  It just has to mean something.  It has to make
things better, not just different.  My opinion has been that the Viewer 2
UI seems to be trying to fix a lot of stuff that wasn't broken.  i think
what i'm criticizing is called "gratuitous change."

The added & improved functionality in Viewer 2 is awesome!  Everybody who
worked on that should feel real happy with themselves!  It's the using of
the functionality that's the problem.

It's not even stuff that skins are for.  Maybe people like shiny buttons,
or 3D ones, or whatever kinda color schemes.  Maybe even rearranged
toolbars & whatever.  The problem is pointless changes in the way a user
has to do the same things, things that were easy that are now more
complicated (or impossible!) without any perceivable reason for them being
that way, and drastic presentation changes that alter the way a person
feels about using the interface.

The UI isn't like looking in the closet in the morning to decide what to
wear, and matching earring & necklace selection to mood.  It's more like
where everything is in the kitchen, whether you can cook yourself an egg
sandwich for breakfast or have to eat some of McD's cardboard - or go
hungry until dinner, and whether you ride the bus or your bike to work. 
(Especially if it's raining!)

My biggest complaint has been that Viewer 2 UI's biggest change is making
SL less "real."  For me, that's the way wrong direction!  Instead of
browserfication of the controls and experience, i'd like to see things
moving more in the direction of controls and displays like enhanced
reality.  i think browserfication is going backwards.  i think others

Sorry if this msg was too long and sorta off-topic.  i'll go back to
lurking now.  Thx!

- AK

The point is people do not like change.  I love the new UI and to assist
people with making that change I have been working today on making the UI
look similar to the old one.  Such a coincidence this was brought up.  Its
going to be the same color scheme with a few shiny upgrades to make it
look more state of the art.  See link... 


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