[opensource-dev] Did I break my repository...

Carlo Wood carlo at alinoe.com
Sun Sep 26 16:41:00 PDT 2010

Try running:  scripts/install.py --list-installed
and then scripts/install.py --uninstall the whole list here

Then run configure again, it should download everything again.
If you remove the whole viewer-linux-* directory (or whatever
you build directory is) and reinstall all prebuilts like
above and it still fails then either your environment variables
are very in the way (ie, you have set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to
somewhere with broken libraries, or you have set CXXFLAGS
without something horrible etc), or you screwed up your
local tree (which you should be able to detect with 'svn status'
of course).

On Sun, Sep 26, 2010 at 06:09:44PM -0400, Ponzu wrote:
> Since I downloaded the latest viewer-develpment yesterday, by local build is
> broken.  The symptom seems to be that the local artwork is not being found.  
> For example, the XUI is mostly just plain gray.  The buttons on the bottom are
> just gray rectangles, etc.
>   • I tried running develop.py again.  It says the art work is there.  I did a
>     clean and build.  Same same.
>   • I clone viewer-development, and then pull to there, and update.
>   • I cloned that to viewer-ponzu, that is the one that is broken.  
> Any ideas welcome.  Do not waste a lot of time ont his, I can always just blow
> away my repositories and start over.
> Ponzu

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