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Mon Sep 27 00:57:52 PDT 2010

On Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 12:10 AM, Marc Adored <marc at inworlddesigns.com>wrote:

> Well as I said before off is off and on is on your choice. Much more
> choice then breast physics give. I find it creepy that some perv is
> looking at my wife watching her boobs bounce and she has no control
> over it other then logging off which is unacceptable btw. Not that it
> really bothers me but I'm just sayin...

I notice that LL's avatar physics implementation uses a wearable, so that
avatars can decide if they jiggle or not. Presumably TPVs would adopt the
same once there was a standardized way to do it.

An important restriction built into RLV is that it relies on llOwnerSay. One
has to at the very least rez or wear an object that can send the commands.
The only way to transfer of an object while it's still rezzed is an object
or land purchase, anything else goes to inventory first. That means there
has to be at least some kind of interaction on the user's part before RLV
can do anything. A more official version would benefit from a separate
message type that could be gated by permission dialogs, but RLV does a nice
job given what was available to work with.
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