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Mon Sep 27 01:17:40 PDT 2010

On 27 September 2010 05:48, Erin Mallory <angel_of_crimson at hotmail.com>wrote:

>  "RLV adds a lot of useful features scripters can take advantage of just
> like I mentioned previously like force sitting and force teliporting
> can be great for automating things like rides and tours or even huds
> for combat that can send you to other parts of a sim or detach weapons
> or really anything you can imagine."
> That's just creepy. I cannot think of a single legitimate reason I would need to be force teleported anywhere except possibly by a linden.
> Linden teleports were already built into the viewer.  Why would I need or want a combat system to disarm me or teleport me?
> If a combat hud could disarm me, then so could someone that made a hacked hud to cheat with. And whose to say it would stop with weapons?
> Sorry, I see way too much potential for abuse and not enough for gains. there are already systems in place for tours with teleportation systems that don't need rlv scripts to work.
> Well nothing can be done to your viewer without your consent, if that's
what you are afraid of. As it has been mentioned before, only objects that
you own and that are in the vicinity can affect your RLV, and only if you
have activated it in the first place (some have it on by default, others
have it off). There are plenty of non-kinky uses for all the commands the
RLV provides, that aren't possible with a regular viewer.

Besides, I have followed 4 driving principles since the beginning when
maintaining or improving the RLV :
- Don't breach the user's privacy (it doesn't disclose IMs or passwords or
anything personal, including what you are wearing)
- Don't jeopardize the user's assets (it won't delete your items or force
you to pay money, or force you to accept inventory offers)
- Don't let it do what scripts can do (so that it doesn't start competing
against the very scripts it is supposed to help)
- Don't break content (the commands don't change suddenly from one version
to another so the scripters know they can rely on the spec to stay

I am aware that users put a lot of trust into their viewer of choice, and
most developers are honest and won't goof around with the tools they
provide. It is already hard enough to make a viewer popular, with all the
paranoia coming from a tool that, after all, could very much damage your
personal data or worse. It has happened, and it will happen again because
open-source does not mean transparent despite what most people think.

In the case of the RLV, I have simply put my name on it. Being widely known
in the kinky community helped making it popular because people knew that I
had much to lose if I started acting up with it. Reputation is everything in
SL, it is hard to build and very easy to break. But it was easier at that
time because there was no big killer viewer that everyone was talking about,
it was the days of Nicholaz's, Dale's and Gigs' viewers which were mostly
focused on fixing the bugs present in the regular SL viewer, there were very
few completely new features and extensions around like the RLV. And scripts
definitely needed some fresh air when it came to increasing their level of
control over the avatars !

So yes its roots are into kink, because that's only because this is where
the needs for this kind of control are the strongest. But there are so many
other uses for it that it can't be ignored. Dismissing this viewer because
it is a little steamy is like dismissing a cop's handcuffs (which is a  tool
for the job) just because some people like using handcuffs when having sex.
It is a bit extreme.

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