[opensource-dev] 2.0 Absolute Dealbreaker - script count feature request

Ann Otoole missannotoole at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 28 02:20:43 PDT 2010

this isn't the place for that and LL needs to weigh in on things like this. 
It isn't the only one and one person LL openly promotes also sells over scripted 

If we are going after one we have to go after the ones LL promotes as well. 
Better for LL to step up first.

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Am Dienstag, 28. September 2010, 10:09:07 schrieb Ann Otoole:
> I give you an image of what thousands of people are wearing and dozens more
> buy daily for less than L$200:
> http://annotoole.com/images/nuclearshoes.png (not my product btw)
> 11456kb each shoe? seriously? So 20 avatars in a club with these uses 458MB
> of region memory?
> Yes. A public awareness campaign is sorely needed.

for that it needs to be known what shoe that is, who makes it, and the link to 
the SLU and blogorums post that makes the public actually aware...
i mean, checking with the script floater AFTER you bought the shoes isn't 
going to make that creator aware of what shit he/she sells by reducing their 

name shame and blame please.
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