[opensource-dev] 2.0 Absolute Dealbreaker - script count feature request

aklo at skyhighway.com aklo at skyhighway.com
Wed Sep 29 13:13:17 PDT 2010

Me too!  Every time i've dealt with support they've been terrific!  i
haven't always gotten what i wanted, but support's been real good about
what i needed - and really good about helping me understand why what i
didn't get was because it was unreasonable.

But it's been at least 3 months since i had anything to do with support,
and weren't they all in the UK?  Could the quality of support have changed
with the "restructuring?"

- AK

On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 2:11 PM, Kadah <kadah.coba at gmail.com> wrote:

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    Sadly what sim and land owners really need most right now is support.
    Anyone that's contacted live support, concierge, or filed a ticket in
    the last few months knows what I'm taking about.

    Getting support back on track should be priority.

Every time I have ever called support, they have been very helpful, and my
issue has been resolved quickly.


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