[opensource-dev] llTextbox() support working, needs testing and owner!

Tofu Linden tofu at lindenlab.com
Thu Sep 30 07:13:09 PDT 2010

This is working, but it needs someone to usher it through
testing, polishing, review and integration, since this is my last
day (bye! ;o; ).

The issues:

The caveats:
* Only tested with some contrived test scripts, needs some testing with
real content!  Tested with multi/single-line entries and blank entries.
Testing multibyte unicode entry is still needed.
* The XUI for it (panel_notify_textbox.xml) behaves a bit oddly: the
'Ignore' button is only clickable partially.  Tabbing between UI fields
works okay except there are some focus-taking invisible fields in
there too apparently.
* This doesn't try to implement SVC-2406 (pre-filled string support),
which I reckon needs non-hacky LSL-side support first, to do properly.

The branch:

The test builds:

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