[opensource-dev] Sorry I missed the Scrum this morning

Erin Mallory angel_of_crimson at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 30 08:36:45 PDT 2010

I hope everything turns out okay esbee. hope you don't mind if I say a couple prayers for you and yours.

From: esbee at lindenlab.com
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2010 09:56:31 -0400
To: opensource-dev at lists.secondlife.com; snowstorm at lists.lindenlab.com
Subject: [opensource-dev] Sorry I missed the Scrum this morning

Hey all, 
I'm very sorry I missed the Daily Scrum today. I've been on the phone most of the morning due to a family emergency. 
Given that we're in between sprints, daily stand-ups have been spotty the past week anyway, but we'll resume next week with a normal schedule (and likely a new meeting time). 


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