[opensource-dev] Need Clarification on interfacing with web-based UI elements

Tateru Nino tateru at taterunino.net
Wed Feb 2 03:11:31 PST 2011

Seems to me that as more of that goes Web-side it needs more 
comprehensive standardization, documentation and versioning.

On 2/02/2011 2:36 PM, Arrehn Oberlander wrote:
> This is an open question I've tried to ask at a few different linden 
> office hours, but haven't yet received a response one way or the other.
> There's a couple different viewer UI elements now in the pipeline that 
> are effectively full web pages- the search window, and now the profile 
> window. It seems like there is more to come.
> As a community developer interested in customizing that user interface 
> for particular audiences, can LL clarify a best practice for working 
> with these elements?
> From a glance it appears that the presentation info and data model are 
> commingled, complicating client-side customization of the presentation.
> It may be possible to scrape out data, but unmanaged minor server-side 
> adjustments to the presentation page may break scraping activity 
> suddenly without warning. For an example of this, one can look at the 
> number of times LSL scripts which display profile pictures by scraping 
> UUID's from web lookups have been broken over the last few years.
> I'm hoping that LL can clarify which interface a community developer 
> can use to request and retreive this web-based data, particularly for 
> avatar profile page information, that will not be prone to casual 
> breakage after a third party viewer has been released.
> Thanks, and my apologies if the answer for this is someplace obvious 
> I've overlooked.
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Tateru Nino

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