[opensource-dev] Need Clarification on interfacing with web-based UI elements

Oz Linden (Scott Lawrence) oz at lindenlab.com
Thu Feb 3 09:01:30 PST 2011

On 2011-02-03 11:13, Arrehn Oberlander wrote:
> I'm concerned that I haven't received a response. I've already asked 
> this question a few times at office hours for Lindens involved in 
> development, and now here. Even if the answer is "LL will not support 
> a a stable API to web services" at least it is some kind of answer. 
> "LL will continue to provide existing non-web APIs for this same data 
> for the indefinite future" may be an option as well, but I haven't 
> heard this either. "We're working on this, check back in a month" is 
> also an answer that would be welcomed over silence.

Apologies for not at least sending an ACK.

I am pursuing this within LL.   At the very least, "check back in a 
month" is something I can say now.  I expect to be able to say something 
significantly better eventually - maybe even sooner than a month :-)

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