[opensource-dev] streaming media on 64bit?

Boroondas Gupte sllists at boroon.dasgupta.ch
Sat Feb 5 02:47:03 PST 2011

Hi Marc

On 02/05/2011 05:03 AM, Marc Adored wrote:
> I am on 64bit ubuntu and noticed that media on a prim works now even
> though I am using a 32bit viewer. I am assuming this is because it is
> a SLPlugin and not part of the viewer?
That's not the reason: The SLPlugin binary, while a separate process
than the viewer main binary, is also shipped only compiled for 32bit in
the official downloads and thus faces the same problem as the main
binary: it can only load 32bit libraries. The reason why it can display
web content anyway, is that the library used for rendering html is also
included (also in 32bit) in the download.

> I was wondering if the
> streaming audio/video that has not worked for 32bit viewers on 64bit
> systems could be reworked to work the same way?
For audio/video stream display, the GStreamer libraries are used, but
those aren't included in the download. So SLPlugin tries to load the
system-installed version (if any), which (if SLPlugin is compiled for
32bit) can only succeed if those libs are compiled for 32bit, too.

So the possibilities would be:

    * Include 32bit GStreamer libraries in the official download (or in
      a separate download)
          o Around 17 MB including common plugins, but still excluding
            any dependency libraries that might have to be added for
            this to work, too
    * Offer SPLugin (and maybe the whole viewer) compiled for 64bit, too
          o This would mean additional QA work for LL.
    * Have Linux 64bit users install a 32bit GStreamer
          o Probably difficult on many distributions (because GStreamer
            is usually not part of the 32bit compatibility bundles, such
            as ia32-libs)

(I've gone into more detail about the options from the users' point of
view in past explanations

> Is there plans for this?
I don't know of any specific one. There's a feature request for offering
official 64bit downloads: VWR-13793

>  I think that with the refusal to work on a 64bit viewer this
> would be a good compromise because that is the only reason I require a
> 64bit built viewer.
That would indeed make life much easier for non-technical Linux 64bit users.

> I just thought I would probe here first before messing with jiras :)
Although this has been discussed in the past, it's good that someone
brings it up again.

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