[opensource-dev] Forum for ATI, Apple and FBO problem

Laurent Bechir laurent.bechir at madonie.org
Sat Feb 12 17:56:49 PST 2011


Some time ago, I've opened a bug report on Apple website concerning the 
problem of ATI cards with FBO which stops Mac users to use dynamic 
shadows. I know they are not officials, but they work quite well with 
Nvidia cards :). I've received an answer recently asking me for the full 
System Profiler Report of my machine. I was wondering if accumulating 
the experiences on that subject would help make the things move faster. 
So I've set up a forum where mac users wanting to do it could tell their 
experience with ATI card and join their full System Profiler Report with 
their experience. I would then put the link to the forum in my bug 
report. Do you think this could be a good idea ?

Bug report :


Forum :


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