[opensource-dev] Is 'STANDALONE' confusing?

Oz Linden (Scott Lawrence) oz at lindenlab.com
Mon Feb 21 06:28:48 PST 2011

We have a suggestion that the term 'STANDALONE' in the build processes 
is misleading and should be changed to something that is more accurately 
descriptive of what it really does.


We discussed this briefly last week:


So... should this be changed?  and if so, to what?

If we are going to change it, the replacement term should, in addition 
to being more accurately descriptive of what it does, be an affirmative 
term - don't suggest any 'NO_*" replacements.

In the interest of not cycling endlessly on this, unless we appear to be 
well on the way to agreeing that it should be replaced and agreeing on a 
replacement by the end of the day on Friday Feb 25th, the issue will be 
closed and out of bounds for discussion for a period of at least one year.

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