[opensource-dev] Is 'STANDALONE' confusing?

Oz Linden (Scott Lawrence) oz at lindenlab.com
Thu Mar 3 07:39:55 PST 2011

On 2011-03-03 1:45, Philippe (Merov) Bossut wrote:
> Dropping privately built 3rd party libs though was always a bit of a 
> black art. Now that most 3rd party libs have a public repo available 
> at lindenlab/3p-<package> though, you have another possibility which 
> is to build the package yourself and point autobuild.xml to it using a 
> "file:///<path>" url (don't forget to also change the md5 hash...). 
> That will extract libs and includes and drop them in 
> build-<plat>/packages. I experimented with that in OPEN-6 and it works 
> fine.

I'd really like to some experiences from open devs trying to use this 
method.  Essentially, it means maintaining your own version of the 
autobuild configuration file (either in autobuild.xml, being careful not 
to include those changes in any changeset meant to be merged to 
viewer-development, or by using a copy and pointing to the copy either 
with a --config-file option to autobuild or with the 
AUTOBUILD_CONFIG_FILE environment variable).

Even if you build your own prebuilds, you probably won't need to do it 
very often - check them all out once, build each one, construct the 
packages portion of the autobuild.xml file and then copy it into any 
working copy you've got for doing viewer work.  The only time you should 
need to rebuild any of them is when a package is modified either by you 
or from upstream.

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