[opensource-dev] Setup a Release configuration for VS2010 build -- Need testers.

Nicky Perian nickyperian at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 5 19:50:02 PST 2011

Applied change to autobuild.xml for -VC10msbuildRelease.
Applied change to CMakeLists.txt to remove the Colon from  /MAP
the colon was being passed through cmake and causing a bad path.

Failed in an attempt to place the CMakeList.txt change to Review Board.
Oz's repository is out of sync with mine. And, mine isn't a review board 


@ WolfPup Know you intended to work on this. I was trying to work 32 bit memory 
issues and was trying to see if release was better and it fell in place. Sorry, 
if I stepped on your toes.
Memory is slightly better. On XP 32bit 1:20 minutes before crash.


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