[opensource-dev] Linux build without the pausing behaviour

Francesco Rabbi sythos at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 07:50:57 PDT 2011

Il giorno 28/mar/2011, alle ore 16:41, Mike Chase
<mike.chase at alternatemetaverse.com> ha scritto:

> Is there a Linux build of V2 of any version that doesnt exhibit the
> annoying multi-second pauses that freeze the UI?  I find myself without
> any useable V2 viewer at present.  I've tried 2.5.2 and 2.6.3 and both
> still have this issue.
> How in the world did this every get past QA?  It really renders the
> viewer unusable. I've been using Imprudence the last few days which is
> nice but a huge shift in UI and I've actually gotten both used to and
> productive with the V2 paradigm.

Can you explain better the kind of pause? I don't notice sort of...

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