[opensource-dev] Collaborative LSL scripting and TPV policy

Satomi Ahn satomi.ahn at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 02:32:11 PDT 2011

Good morning everybody!

I have a question regarding TPVP and collaborative scripting in SecondLife.

Several LSL projects I work on actually are a collaborative work of
several scripters.
Current environment in SL is far from optimal for that kind of project:
- the embedded script editor is very limited (issue mitigated by the
fact we can now set an external editor)
- keeping track of your own script versions is pretty tedious with the
functionality provided by SL inventory
- keeping track of versions from other co-workers is even harder (very
hard to be sure you have merged all the latest versions before you
make a public release of the product)

Version management in RL is usually addressed by using a VCS such as
git or mercurial. But for SL, that would suppose copy/pasting scripts
one by one from the viewer to local disk files before committing to
the repository.

Hence, both for version management and advanced editing, it would
really help if all scripts from an object could just easily be
exported to a local folder, then updated back from the local copy (2
buttons in the object edit floater: import and export).
I know this is an old topic and that some viewers already have similar
features, but I would like to make one that would exactly fit my use
case and I need to be sure this will not violate the Policy on Third
Party Viewers.
In particular, I want to be sure how TPVP §2b must be interpreted:

/You must not use or provide any functionality that Linden Lab’s
viewers do not have for exporting content from Second Life unless the
functionality verifies that the content to be exported was created by
the Second Life user who is using the Third-Party Viewer./

Since the official viewer already allows:
- copy/pasting any modifiable script
- and opening them in an external editor,
should I understand that modifiable script export is a functionality
that Linden Lab's viewers already provides? Or do we really have to be
the creator of the script?

If the script creator restriction applies, this would be tedious but
not the end of it: we would have to work on a copy of the project that
was previously imported from the repository (and thus whose "creator"
would be the user of the viewer), but this would preclude directly
working on scripts a co-worker shared with you within SL.

I assume many viewer developpers who also script must already have
thought about these concerns. What is the best answer you came up

(Note this is only about scripts. Although it would be nice if it was
possible to generalize to other assets, upload costs would make it
unpractical, even without considering terms of service!)


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