[opensource-dev] Collaborative LSL scripting and TPV policy

Stickman stickman at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 09:32:10 PDT 2011

> Current environment in SL is far from optimal for that kind of project:

There are many things SL can do to improve project collaboration, not
just with scripts. I can share the problems I've encountered trying to
work on projects with others if the scope increases.

> Version management in RL is usually addressed by using a VCS such as
> git or mercurial. But for SL, that would suppose copy/pasting scripts
> one by one from the viewer to local disk files before committing to
> the repository.

My solution to this is to use external source control and append the
SVN revision number to the end of the script name.  when it's
copy/pasted into SL. Not optimal, but so far it gets the job done with
the least confusion.

> Hence, both for version management and advanced editing, it would
> really help if all scripts from an object could just easily be
> exported to a local folder, then updated back from the local copy (2
> buttons in the object edit floater: import and export).

Yes please.

> Since the official viewer already allows:
> - copy/pasting any modifiable script
> - and opening them in an external editor,
> should I understand that modifiable script export is a functionality
> that Linden Lab's viewers already provides? Or do we really have to be
> the creator of the script?

Policy question. Technically not an item for this list, but there is
no place to ask questions like these.

See also: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/MISC-3263 Linden Lawyer
should have office hours, more recently submitted to the community
manager via email as per the usergroup guidelines, no response.

These Jiras might also be interesting.
https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-14023 (drag and drop uploading)

And I could have sworn I'd created a Jira regarding a Second Life
inventory version control system and even got some feedback from Nyx
about it, but I can't find anything about it.

Good luck!


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