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Kadah kadah.coba at gmail.com
Sat Aug 4 19:59:52 PDT 2012

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On 8/4/2012 5:55 PM, Hitomi Tiponi wrote:
> Yes - the formatting on the xui code of the official viewer is 
> horrific, especially the few files that have been relatively 
> unchanged since Viewer 1.

That was the impression I was getting when I looked it over. And if
its to put the XUI standard used in V1, that's unsuitable (eg. one
line per control), and the same effect could be done more conveniently
with existing XML utilities. V1 formatted XUI was far worse to work with.

> Sadly LL's own standards are so vague that many different styles 
> actually conform to them.  I tried to standardize on my version
> but gave up and  just followed the LL lead as it just messed up
> the diffs too much.

I couldn't find any documented standard for XML. The one I'm using is
based on observation of new XUI that has consistent formatting.
Keyword there is 'consistent', which most of it largely isn't.

> Recent xui files by LL are actually getting better, but indents, 
> tab use, spacing etc. are still inconsistent.

It has, but there's a lot of the old XUI from the v2.0 rush period and
lots of patching of it in the fallowing couple years.

I think I'll continue with the one I'm working on instead of trying to
resurrect the viewer's one. Cleaning out unused params is pretty
minor, to me, right now. As far as verification, I'm just going to use
an XML lib and compare tables.

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