[opensource-dev] Viewer Policy Changes

Tillie Ariantho tillie at xp2.de
Sat Feb 25 02:52:04 PST 2012

On 25.02.2012 01:18, Jessica Lyon wrote:

> Actually, under 2.k, features like breast physics, secondary attachments, shared parcel WL etc, would have never been permitted to exist. And this means that any feature in the future to which a TPV
> may conjur up, which effects the shared experience (Ie. something one user could see but another couldn't) will need to be developed for the LL viewer by TPV devs, accepted by LL, released by LL
> before a TPV may release it themselves. Another example would be the Mesh deformer from Qarl, if LL were not interested in it.. none of us would be allowed to release it in our viewers.

Yah. I guess Oscars meetings will be crowded now with people asking if this or that is policy compliant or not.

So there should be more Lindens at the meeting probably, having answers to that.

Cause a "dont know" or "have to ask" or "we have to consider yet" as response wont help at all and make work for TPV devs impossible.


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