[opensource-dev] compiling viewer-release on linux

Henri Beauchamp sldev at free.fr
Sat Sep 22 03:29:50 PDT 2018

On Fri, 21 Sep 2018 20:33:00 -0700, John Nagle wrote:

> Here's how I currently compile successfully on Linux.
> This builds the development version 5.1.9, not the release version.
> Install all prerequisites per
> http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_compiling_firestorm_64bit_ubuntu

wget http://sldev.free.fr/sources/CoolVLViewer-src-1262219.tar.bz2
tar xJf CoolVLViewer-src-*
cd linden/indra

> I've been running this version for about a month now without trouble.

I've been running my viewer under Linux for 11+ years without trouble !

No, seriously, the question in the original message was not about help
for building third party viewers under Linux, but for issues with LL's
own viewers...

LL would be well inspired to have a look at TPVs' build systems for



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