[sldev] Request for LL feedback on avatar scanner features

Dale Glass dale at daleglass.net
Thu Feb 1 15:20:31 PST 2007

В сообщении от 1 февраля 2007 23:45 Jason Giglio написал(a):
> Dale Glass wrote:
> > One thing I'm thinking about here is whether this could be generalized.
> > For example, profiles use that data as well, so why not make an "avatar
> > data cache" and make the rest of the client use it as well?
> It already exists, names.cache.

My name.cache is tiny, and seems to have been created today.

And I'm thinking of something bigger and more general here. Rough idea:

* 1 file per avatar, kept permanently.
* In-memory cache of that, of course
* Probably XML format for extensibility
* Keep all data relating to avatar, including: name, key, birth data, payment 
status, and a full copy of the whole profile (if it was acessed)
* Extra data related to avatar. Say, I'd like to assign colors to people, 
which would be stored here as well.

The class implementing all this would decide whether requesting data from the 
server is needed, and be able to deliver cached data if the server doesn't 
answer. So instead of the profile not loading at all you could see the last 
data you got (with a warning of that it's stale of course)

This is not completely thought out yet, but it should be something along those 
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