[sldev] Distribution of openjpeg

Peekay Semyorka peekay at targetomega.com
Wed Feb 7 10:54:10 PST 2007

> It is for this reason openjpeg is not DFSG compliant, because
> it has encumbrance on the right to modify (into something not ISO
> compliant).

OpenJPEG has no such limitation.  The library is distributed under a
vanilla BSD-license.  So strictly speaking, OpenJPEG should be DFSG

Of course, it's possible to modify OpenJPEG until it infringes on a patent
somewhere, but that is possible with any software.  We can each modify the
SL-Viewer until it infringes on a number of patents; that does not make
the SL-Viewer itself non-free.

OpenJPEG is a compliant Jpeg2000 implementation, having passed the P1C1 &
J2F conformance tests (though strict compliance is not required by the
patent declarations.)  It's still possible that the Part 1 standard itself
is infringing on an unknown patent, but again that is a separate issue.



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