[sldev] Distribution of openjpeg

Jason Giglio gigstaggart at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 13:11:36 PST 2007

Peekay Semyorka wrote:
 >> It is for this reason openjpeg is not DFSG compliant, because
 >> it has encumbrance on the right to modify (into something not ISO
 >> compliant).
 > OpenJPEG has no such limitation.  The library is distributed under a
 > vanilla BSD-license.  So strictly speaking, OpenJPEG should be DFSG
 > compliant.

Hmm It looks like you are right.  Debian is including Jasper now, though 
they only recently reconsidered their position, looks like they added it 
  in late December.

Previous to that they had rejected it on the basis that it was DFSG 
non-compliant due to the patent situation.


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