[sldev] Re: OpenJPEG profiling

Ben Byer sldev at bushing.mm.st
Fri Feb 9 14:21:44 PST 2007

On Feb 9, 2007, at 1:15 PM, Jason Giglio wrote:

> David Fries wrote:
>> I'm a bit excited.
>> I have some patches that I'm working on, but I was just able to fly a
>> loop around a three region area just now with them and it seemed
>> comparable to the binary client.  This is with OpenJPEG and the first

> Of course a full profile like bushing did would be the ideal.   
> Maybe you could get with him on profiling your patches.  I think he  
> said he has some crazy setup that can compile in a few minutes, so  
> it might not be too hard for him. :P

I can compile *OpenJPEG* in a few minutes, but the whole client takes  
a bit longer -- a few hours on my PowerBook.  Thankfully, we have  
opensecondlife.org's build box... :)

I did the profiling using Shark, and I can do it with the whole  
client too...

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